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  • Challenge-banner

    Introducing Challenge Butter Direct

    Published on 21 September 2023

    As a leader in providing high-quality butter, Challenge knows flexibility and adaptability are key to staying ahead in an ever-changing market landscape and has developed the Challenge Butter Capacity Auction to offer unparalleled control over your butter supply for 2024.

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  • The-power-of-digital-trade-creating-new-opportunities-in-uncertain-markets

    The power of digital trade – creating new opportunities in uncertain markets

    Published on 11 September 2023

    As the European dairy industry continues to face unprecedented challenges, Nui Markets CEO Kevin O'Sullivan discusses the benefits of embracing digital trade in uncertain markets.

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  • Synlait-banner

    A new and convenient channel to trade dairy

    Published on 05 September 2023

    Nui is proud to partner with Synlait, providing an Enterprise platform that will complement the company’s direct trade relationships.

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  • el-financiero-news

    Nui Markets features in El Financiero publication

    Published on 17 August 2023

    CEO of Nui Markets, Kevin O'Sullivan, talks to El Financiero about the innovation behind its agri-ingredient digital trading platform and how it can improve price discovery and trading networks for dairy manufacturers in South America and across the globe.

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  • cheese-market-news-image

    Nui Markets North America brings buyers & sellers together in transparent marketplace

    Published on 04 August 2023

    Our digital trading partnerships in the US are going strong with Cheese Market News recently reporting on how Nui’s dairy platforms are broadening trade networks and improving price discovery.

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  • Nui-marketplace-International-thumbnail

    Nui Marketplace International opens a new world of trading opportunities

    Published on 07 June 2023

    Nui Markets is launching a new Marketplace channel tailored to serve the dairy export market.

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  • ampi-launch-thumbnail

    AMPI begins online trading with Nui

    Published on 01 June 2023

    AMPI, based in the Midwest, is the largest cheese cooperative in the US. AMPI presents an excellent opportunity for Nui to become a digital trade leader in this category.

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  • onedairy-launch-thumbnail-01

    Nui is proud to support OneDairy as they grow to meet the future of dairy.

    Published on 20 April 2023

    OneDairy is a global dairy supplier united under industry-leading producer and supply chain standards to support health and prosperity in all corners of the world.

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  • adpi-2023-banner-thumbnail

    Nui Markets at ADPI

    Published on 12 April 2023

    On April 23-25, Nui Markets will attend the American Dairy Products Institute (ADPI) 2023 Joint Annual Conference in Chicago.

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  • ashwini-thumbnail

    Pivotal new appointment signals exponential growth of Nui trading platform

    Published on 15 March 2023

    Nui is proud to announce the appointment of Ashwini Law as Head of Region. Ashwini, a titan in the international dairy market, brings with him over 25 years of proven success in commercial investments, strategic sourcing, and supply chain management to drive P&L in the agri-commodity sector.

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  • frieslandcampina-article-thumbnail

    FrieslandCampina begins online trading with Nui

    Published on 16 February 2023

    FrieslandCampina has a long history with milk, dating back to 1871 when farmers formed the precursor to its current cooperative.

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  • uncertainworld-pricediscovery-thumbnail

    Price discovery in an uncertain world

    Published on 09 February 2023

    If there’s one thing that markets hate, it’s uncertainty. Whether you are buying, selling or trading or even just trying to pick market trends for arbitrage opportunities, uncertainty and unpredictable volatility makes it all harder.

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  • xmas2022thumbnail

    Thank you for helping us make 2022 a special year for Nui Markets

    Published on 21 December 2022

    As we draw towards the close of 2022, it’s a good opportunity to pause and reflect on what has been something of an extraordinary year for all of us.

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  • darigold-launch-thumbnail

    Darigold launches online trading platform

    Published on 19 December 2022

    Darigold is one of the largest dairy cooperatives in the US and is known for delivering fresh high quality, value-added dairy products to organizations around the world.

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  • valley-milk-launch-banner-2

    Valley Milk begins online trading with Nui

    Published on 16 December 2022

    Valley Milk, based out of California, is the shared dream of five dairy families, nutritionists, and veterinarians who came together to combine resources to process California Central Valley milk into world-class dairy ingredients.

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  • idfa-thumbnail2

    Nui Markets at IDFA Dairy Forum 2023

    Published on 12 December 2022

    The Nui team will be in Florida for the IDFA Dairy Forum on January 22-25, 2023.

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  • dairy-radio-now-thumbnail

    Global Dairy Radio Podcast – November 14th

    Published on 16 November 2022

    President of New Zealand-based Nui Markets North America, Ron O'Brien, spoke with Lee Mielke about Global Dairy Trading Struggling in the Nov. 14 Dairy Radio Now broadcast.

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  • paperless-trade-thumbnail

    Paperless trade – the march of progress

    Published on 15 November 2022

    In September this year, we saw the best of British ceremony, pomp and tradition as the country mourned for Queen Elizabeth’s passing with a timeless display of historical theatre.

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  • whatsapp-thumbnail-v2

    What tools are you using to negotiate your trades?

    Published on 02 November 2022

    This Bloomberg article should be a wake-up call if you’re still using Private Messaging to negotiate your trades.

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  • winner-thumbnail

    Winner of Best Emerging Business Award

    Published on 28 October 2022

    Whilst it’s true that winning in the marketplace is the most important recognition that any company seeks, for an emerging business, early in its growth trajectory, the confidence and self-affirmation that comes with winning industry awards also matters.

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  • dao-event-madurodam-thumbnail

    DAO customer event at Madurodam

    Published on 18 October 2022

    Six months on from the acquisition of DAO, Nui Markets hosted its first customer event in several years.

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  • nui-appoints-ronthumbnail2

    Nui Markets strengthens position in Dairy trading sector

    Published on 06 October 2022

    Fresh off the successful launch of its digital trading platform in July and building on previous success in Europe and the Pacific region, Nui Markets is proud to announce the appointment of Ronald Kevin O’Brien II as president of Nui Markets North America.

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  • nui-appoints-rene-thumbnail.png

    Nui Markets appoints René van 't Riet to run DAO Europe

    Published on 12 July 2022

    When Nui Markets acquired 100% ownership of DAO Europe in April this year, it was a statement of intent from the technology innovator that they meant business. Appointing industry leader René van 't Riet only reinforces the view that Nui are serious about revolutionizing the way that dairy markets trade around the world.

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  • nui-marketplace-launch-thumbnail

    Nui Marketplace to launch in July 2022

    Published on 04 July 2022

    Technology innovator, Nui Markets is set to launch its digital trading platform into North America early July.

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  • flanders-thumbnail

    Flanders Food Productions on the DAO platform

    Published on 16 June 2022

    Since Nui acquired DAO last April, we have received a lot of positive feedback from current DAO customers. Many tell us how the platform has revolutionised how they trade dairy products.

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  • kevin-nbr-thumb

    Dairy trading platform Nui to launch in US market

    Published on 05 May 2022

    Nui Markets’ CEO Kevin O’Sullivan spoke in an interview with NBR about how a small Kiwi company was able to acquire Europe’s largest independent online dairy marketplace...

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  • thumbnail-adpi2022-nuiv2

    Nui Markets at ADPI

    Published on 01 April 2022

    On April 24-26, Nui Markets will be attending the American Dairy Products Institute (ADPI) 2022 Joint Annual Conference in Chicago.

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  • nui-acquires-dao-thumb

    Nui to acquire DAO.EU

    Published on 10 February 2022

    Nui is proud to announce the acquisition of Dairy Auctions Online (DAO.EU). The acquisition will be effective from April 1st, 2022.

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  • thumbnail-xmas2021

    Nui Markets updates

    Published on 23 December 2021

    Nui continues to be an industry leader in the online trading space for agri-business. Since the last customer update, we’ve refined our platforms further and streamlined our delivery and implementation processes.

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  • ocdmmp-thumbnail

    Open Country Dairy platform launched

    Published on 22 October 2021

    Nui are pleased to announce the launch Milk Market Partnership for Open Country Dairy.

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  • sep21thumb

    New developments

    Published on 23 September 2021

    Over the past few months, we’ve added new solutions, refined our technology and streamlined our delivery and implementation processes.

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  • thoughtleader-thumb.jpg

    Meatingplace features Ashley Honey

    Published on 12 August 2021

    Ashley Honey of Nui thinks that by embracing commodity trading technology, meat processors can cut out the middleman and improve their businesses.

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  • nuitakesamericathumb.png

    Nui takes on American network

    Published on 14 June 2021

    Nui Markets cofounder and CEO Kevin O'Sullivan says before the pandemic says he travelled 150 days a year before the pandemic. Now, he's itching to get back on a plane.

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  • wsjthumb.jpg

    Wall Street Journal

    Published on 09 March 2021

    Ashley Honey was interviewed by the Wall Street Journal as they looked to discover how digitisation can help large agri commodity businesses around the world.

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  • mar2021thumb

    Customer update

    Published on 03 March 2021

    2021 has gotten off to a roaring start at Nui. We’ve added new platforms, new functionality and new ways for our customers to boost their online sales.

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  • nov20thumb

    New exciting developments

    Published on 20 November 2020

    Several new exciting developments will be released on Monday, November 23.

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  • digitalisation-thumbnail.jpg

    Moving into the future

    Published on 21 July 2020

    How the pandemic has escalated both the need and urgency for digitalisation.

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  • transformation-thumbnail

    Digital innovation and Covid-19

    Published on 29 May 2020

    Why and how are global companies taking their business digital during a pandemic?

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  • thumbnail-may2020-updates

    Update on Nui Markets

    Published on 21 May 2020

    Learn about our new and upcoming features as well as keep up to date on new platforms and recent events.

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  • idfa-thumbnail

    Implementing a digital strategy

    Published on 13 May 2020

    On May 19th, Nui Markets is hosting an IDFA webinar offering insights on digital strategy and recent lessons learned from Europe.

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  • afi-thumbnail4.jpg

    Arla Food Ingredients launch

    Published on 12 May 2020

    The Arla Food Ingredients platform launches on May 18th.

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  • dao-pt-thumbnail.jpg

    New feature on DAO.EU

    Published on 17 April 2020

    From Monday, April 13th, all DAO participants can now run their own purchase tenders.

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  • DAO.EU Increased Sales

    Increased Sales on DAO.EU

    Published on 15 April 2020

    With our relationships abruptly shifting from "connected" to "isolated", how will we trade moving forward?

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  • Glanbia Ingredients

    Glanbia Ingredients platform

    Published on 05 April 2020

    Nui are pleased to announce the launch of a new 24/7 online trading platform for Glanbia Food Ingredients.

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  • mike_thumbnail.jpg

    Mike Petersen joins Nui

    Published on 23 January 2020

    Innovative agri-food digital marketplace developers, Nui Markets, has appointed experienced New Zealand director Mike Petersen as Chairman of its Board.

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  • Valio platform

    Valio platform

    Published on 11 October 2019

    Nui are excited to announce the launch of Finnish dairy co-op Valio’s new 24/7 online trading platform. The new platform was launched on 1 October 2019, and Valio completed their first trade on the platform within 72 hours of going live.

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  • DAO.EU Online

    DAO.EU Online

    Published on 02 September 2019

    DAO.EU launched in July 2017 as the first multi-buyer/multi-seller online brokerage platform for dairy commodities in the EU.

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