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Nui is the only private e-marketplace platform designed specifically for primary industries. Create your own customisable solution and digitalise your B2B commodity trading like never before.

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Are you prepared for the digital-first economy?

Do you still trade your products using phone calls, emails, spreadsheets, ad hoc databases and multiple face to face meetings?

Increasingly, your customers are becoming digitally adept. Innovation is the new normal. Become empowered to help your customers make the transformation.

Mitigate risks and take opportunities emerging from changing markets

Get a private e-marketplace, with your brand and your selection of pre-qualified buyers and sellers

Create competition in an open and transparent market to get the best price for your products

Customise our technology to fit your business—not vice versa

Solutions for all primary industries

  • Dairy
  • Sugar
  • Meat
  • Wine
  • Seafood
  • Honey

Whether you are a large commodity manufacturer or a supplier, we can create a solution which seamlessly integrates into both your business and IT processes.

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Buy? Sell? Do both? Talk to us about setting up an e-commerce solution where your pre-selected community of buyers and sellers can participate.

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Always on a search for the best deals? Let us help you access our clients' private marketplaces.

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How it works

The platform simplifies the sales process

  • Step 1: a seller creates an offer on the platform.

    A seller creates an offer on the platform.

  • Step 2: buyers receive a notification that there is a new offer.

    Buyers receive a notification that there is a new offer.

  • Step 3: buyer reviews the offer and can trade or place a counter bid.

    Buyer reviews the offer and can trade or place a counter bid.

  • Step 4: when a trade is completed both parties will instantly receive a detailed trade confirmation.

    When a trade is completed both parties will instantly receive a detailed trade confirmation.

  • Step 5: internal trade documents are generated.

    Internal trade documents are generated.

  • Step 6: transfer of goods and funds are arranged between both parties.

    Transfer of goods and funds are arranged between both parties.

Transactions can be initiated by a buyer or seller.
Other events such as tenders can also be conducted on the platform.

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  • Custom Configuration
  • Control over prices
  • Live Tenders
  • Open API - SAP ready
  • Instant access to Market data
  • Push notifications
  • Customers get to brand the platform as their own
  • Intuitive design
  • Desktop and Mobile app
  • 24/7 service and tech support
  • Live chat
  • Tutorials and training
  • Blockchain ready
  • Secure with AWS server

About us

Our story begins, originally as Cream Trading, in 2012. Our vision was for a new way of trading. We saw an open marketplace where buyers and sellers helped set the price through competitive tension. Over time, and with the help of a dynamic team of talented individuals, this vision has continued to evolve. In 2019, we began our new journey as Nui.

We are based in New Zealand, but come from all over the world. We iterate. We collaborate. We never stop looking for new ways of doing things.

Our clients include


"The implementation process with Nui proved to be simple and straightforward, with our suggestions carefully discussed and considered in order to develop the most comprehensive solution for Arla foods."

Fabian Ruge-Foersom, Senior Sales Manager, Arla Foods


"We strongly believe in the benefits of online sales platforms and chose to partner up with Nui after careful considerations. Nui has proven to be an excellent partner in fine-tuning and adapting the platform to our specific needs."

Martijn Goedhart, Key Account Manager, Hoogwegt International


"When DAO explored options for a technology partner to help realise our vision of an online trading platform for dairy products in the EU, Nui was the obvious choice. The Nui platform has exceeded our expectations from the start. No issue was too big or too small for the staff at Nui."

Rik Loeters, Managing Director, DAO.EU — Europe's premium dairy trading platform

Senior team

Kevin O'Sullivan
Kevin O'Sullivan CEO

Kevin is an experienced financial markets professional whose background in brokering and foreign exchange trading helped inform the original vision for Nui. A highly motivated entrepreneur, Kevin is a natural leader, experienced in all aspects of business leadership, people management and strategic direction. He is determined to ensure Nui is commercially successful via adding value to food product related industries

Dr. Bruce Maunder, PhD
Dr. Bruce Maunder, PhD COO

Bruce governs the technology development of the Nui platform and supporting sub-systems. Security, performance functionality, support and customer satisfaction are his performance drivers. Bruce earned a PhD in electrical and electronic engineering in 2001. He is an experienced entrepreneur who has overseen the design and development of many software and electronic hardware projects.

Dr. Vladimir Managarov, PhD
Dr. Vladimir Managarov, PhD CTO

Vladimir specialises in creating complex web-solutions to successfully fulfil business needs. He has a clear view of time and resource allocation strategies and is responsible for the backbone of the Nui platform. Vladimir earned a PhD in mathematical modelling and programme complexes in 2008.

Michael Vaughan
Michael Vaughan Head of Business Development, Europe

Michael is an experienced business development executive with a demonstrated history of key account management. He is skilled in coaching, team building, inbound marketing strategies and training delivery and has extensive Microsoft Dynamics CRM experience. Michael is an expert in implementing and integrating new technology into the sales process and has completed his foundation degree (in Business and Management) at Chesterfield College.

Jeppe R.S. Jøker
Jeppe R.S. Jøker Business Development Manager, Europe

Jeppe is a strong sales professional who, prior to joining Nui, was a key accounts manager at Arla Foods where he played a key role in developing and implementing the Arla Cheese online trading platform. He has an extensive knowledge of the European dairy trade industry and has additional expertise in sales, logistics and other primary industries. He has recently completed a Marketing Management degree at the Business Academy in Aarhus.

Ashley Honey
Ashley Honey Senior Vice President, USA

Ashley has more than 15 years' experience in commodities, foreign exchange trading and treasury risk management. He has worked on Financial Markets projects with some of the world's largest corporations in both New Zealand and the USA. His current focus is on developing Nui’s strategic business partnerships across North America.