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Nui Marketplace International opens a new world of trading opportunities

Published on 07 June 2023

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  • Nui Marketplace International opens a new world of trading opportunities
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A new Nui Markets export-focused marketplace will rapidly connect buyers and sellers of dairy ingredients around the globe, providing better access to broader export markets.

Nui Marketplace International makes forming new export connections easy.  Buyers gain broader access to international sellers, with one request reaching multiple sellers from around the globe with the simple click of a button. In turn, sellers can reach a broader range of buyers for better export opportunities supporting sales strategies beyond domestic markets.

Nui CEO Kevin O’Sullivan says Nui Marketplace International is a natural expansion beyond the company’s successful domestic trading Marketplaces in Europe in North America, providing more tailored support for suppliers looking to expand their export footprint.

"With 276 companies currently trading on our Marketplaces, we are excited by the opportunity to further support our existing and potential customers with an export focussed Marketplace that facilitates new trading opportunities with data-led insights that can better inform their sales and procurement strategies."

Nui Head of Region APAC, Ashwini Law, says there are many buyers in Asia keen to explore procurement opportunities in the US and Europe and Nui Marketplace International is a very useful tool to quickly and easily assess the buyer interest that exists across APAC and the price/volume that can be achieved by exploring those new trade partnerships.


"The introduction of the procurement tender feature in our North America and Europe Marketplaces has already attracted significant global buyer interest, and providing an export focussed channel to support the specific needs of international trading and market discovery will produce some fantastic trading results for both buyers and sellers."

Nui Marketplace International is taking registrations of interest, and while the marketplace is being established, this registration will be at no cost.

The initial product set will include skim milk powder, sweet whey powder, cheddar, butter and lactose.

Click here to register your interest, or reach out to for more information.

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