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Our existing platforms are an open marketplace for trading. Nui platforms bring together a collection of trading partners, all of whom can buy or sell a standardized product set to pre-approved participants.

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A Nui Markets platform is a powerful tool that allows you to more closely connect with, and broaden, your existing customer base. If you are interested in finding out more about how you can start your own Nui Platform, just complete the form below and someone from our team will get in touch with you.

Our partners

Take a look at our current partners to determine which platforms you might wish to join. To register your interest simply use the link under the solution you want to know more about and we’ll connect you with the right person. You can register interest for as many solutions as you want.


Arla Foods / Dairy

Based in Denmark, Arla is one of the world’s largest dairy cooperatives. Products offered via the platform include milk powders, butter, cheese and cream.

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Arla Foods Ingredients / Dairy

Discovering the wonders of whey. Products offered include WPC 35, Whey Permeate and WPC 80.

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Associated Milk Producers Inc (AMPI) / Dairy

Based in Mid-West, dairy farmer-owned AMPI is the largest cheese cooperative in the US, supplying the dairy products that make several of the nation’s leading brands. Products include American-type cheese, processed cheese and butter.

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Challenge / Dairy

Challenge Dairy Products, Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of California Dairies Inc., the second-largest dairy cooperative in the United States. Challenge is a cooperative association responsible for the marketing and distributing of dairy products produced by 400 family-owned dairies.

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Darigold / Dairy

Darigold is one of the largest dairy cooperatives in the US and is known for delivering fresh, high-quality, value-added dairy products to organizations worldwide.

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FrieslandCampina / Dairy

FrieslandCampina's extensive product range of products includes pasteurised milk, UHT milk (sterilised milk), soy drink, yoghurt drinks, condensed milk and milk powder.

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Harvex / Produce

Harvex is the world’s only onion trading platform. Products offered include, red and brown onion varieties, in various sizes and packaging.

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Hilmar / Dairy

Hilmar is a prominent American Cheese Producer. A large range of commercial cheese products are available via the platform.

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Milk Specialties Global / Dairy

Milk Specialties Global focuses on creating high-quality ingredients designed to optimize health and nutrition.

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Nui Marketplace Brasil / Biofuel

An open marketplace for the trade of biofuels within Brazil, initially offering ethanol products.

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Nui Marketplace Europe / Dairy

Nui Marketplace Europe is the only independent digital marketplace which enables direct trading of European dairy commodities. A wide range of products across the dairy spectrum are available on the platform.

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Nui Marketplace International / Dairy

A new export-focused marketplace will rapidly connect buyers and sellers of dairy ingredients around the globe, providing better access to broader export markets. Nui Marketplace International is taking registrations of interest, and while the marketplace is being established, this registration will be at no cost.

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Nui Marketplace North America / Dairy

An open marketplace for dairy commodity trading, initially within North America.

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OneDairy / Dairy

OneDairy is a global dairy supplier united under industry-leading producer and supply chain standards to support health and prosperity in all corners of the world.

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Open Country Dairy / Dairy

Based in New Zealand, Open Country manufactures and supplies premium dairy ingredients.  Products available on the Milk Market Partnership platform include Whole Milk Powder and AMF.

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Synlait / Dairy

Synlait was founded to ensure that global consumers were able to access some of the best that New Zealand dairying had to offer by partnering with people passionate about top-quality milk and farming practices. That’s where the name Synlait comes from – Synergy and Milk.

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Tirlán Direct / Dairy

Tirlán Direct is one of Ireland’s largest dairy companies. Products offered include milk powders, butter, lactose and casein.

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Valio / Dairy

Valio is Finland's largest food exporter. Products offered include butter, cheese, milk powders and whey.

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Valley Milk / Dairy

Valley Milk, based out of California, is the shared dream of five dairy families, nutritionists, and veterinarians who came together to combine resources to process California Central Valley milk into world-class dairy ingredients.

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