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Game Changing trading platform comes to North America

Published on 04 July 2022

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  • Game Changing trading platform comes to North America

Nui Marketplace to launch in July 2022

Technology innovator, Nui Markets is set to launch its digital trading platform into North America early July. Nui has been revolutionising the way dairy businesses trade their ingredients and finished products across Europe and Australasia, and is now bringing their digital marketplace technology to the US.

Launching in early July, Nui is set to shake up the dairy industry in North America by offering buyers and sellers a new dedicated platform to come together and trade with improved knowledge, price transparency and market efficiency. Unlike generic digital trading platforms, Nui brings vast amounts of category specific expertise to the design and running of their marketplace, combined with the speed and convenience of their intuitive digital trading platform.

The Nui Markets interface itself is as easy and intuitive to use as any of the leading consumer auction sites – think eBay or Amazon, with desktop, mobile and an app-based portal. For sellers, one post instantly notifies all possible buyers, which gives the best chance of finding the right buyer at the right price, quickly. For buyers, all their options are clearly visible in one place.

Nui is not entirely new to the North American market, with their technology platform already being used successfully as a private sales interface for organisations like US dairy giant, Hilmar.

"Nui Markets developed our HilmarConnect™ platform that has revolutionized our sales process. Our customers now have far greater access to our products, and know that at any point in time they are paying the true market price for our products."

Travis Coffey, Director of sales of Hilmar

"Trading on Nui removes much of the anxiety around price discovery from both sides, liberating the customer relationship and elevating the level of discussions and professionalism of the procurement and supply chain functions on both sides of the trade."

Kevin O'Sullivan, CEO of Nui Markets

And because Nui marketplaces are only frequented by genuine pre-vetted buyers and sellers, as well as ensuring transparent price discovery it also becomes a rich source of data and insights into the category for those who participate, giving them a competitive advantage over those still ‘phoning round their list of contacts.

The Nui Marketplace will be fully operational in North American operations from 1st July, and interested partners are invited to get in touch to discuss the opportunities of becoming founding members.

Please contact our VP, Americas Joseph Kobel or any member of the global Nui team via to understand further how Nui can best work for your business.

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