Nui Enterprise

As an Enterprise customer, we will work with you to create your own digital sales portal, with the features and terms that suit you. You will have complete control over how you trade, and with whom. And because it’s your own portal, we will even help you brand it to fit with your business look and feel.

Taking care of business

As well as customising and building the platform for you, we’ll also be there to provide full ongoing technical support service 24/7 so you don’t need to worry about the platform and can get on with running your business.

  • Your own sales platform

    Your ownsales platform

  • Your own business rules

    Your ownbusiness rules

  • Complete contro


  • 24/7 Technical support

    24/7Technical support

Our experience of helping clients operationalise their Nui Enterprise platforms, means we can help educate and train your team and your customers to make sure they are comfortable and enjoy using the platform.

Typically, customers new to Nui find that the platform provides a tremendous improvement on their previous approach not only making the actual trading easier and less time consuming for all parties, but freeing up the teams to focus on the important aspects of building stronger partnerships.

"Making the move to a Nui Enterprise solution was the best thing we could have done. Not only does it make trading easier and gives us confidence we are getting a fair price and terms, but having the portal has helped professionalise our approach with a better rhythm and structure around how we go to market."

Nui Enterprise customer

Why Nui Enterprise is right for you

Nui Enterprise solution is a customized Nui Marketplace for an individual seller. Traders and Buyers can register with the selling company to trade on their Enterprise platform but in effect it is a sales portal for specific, and typically larger suppliers.

Nui Enterprise for...

  • As a seller with Nui Enterprise solution, you can benefit from all the features of the regular Nui Marketplace, but also have your own customised sales portal powered by Nui so that you have complete control over with whom and how you sell your products.

    1. We will help design and brand your Enterprise portal
    2. Offer training to help your team and your customers
    3. Support and advice on how best to attract and encourage your potential buyers to register with you
  • As a buyer, once you register to trade with your trading partner on their Nui Enterprise platform, life just got a whole lot simpler for you.

    1. You will have regular and direct access to their product listings
    2. Set up standing terms and conditions to make trades super-efficient
    3. Confidence that you are buying from a trusted and regular partner
  • As a trader, access to a Nui Enterprise portal is through registering with the Enterprise customer at which point you have access to their product listings as would any regular buyer on the platform.


  • Fully customizable look and feel

    Your enterprise platform can be customized with your logo and brand colours. Maybe of our customers choose to name their platform as it becomes a sales channel in it’s own right, supporting your existing sales team.

  • Marketplace (with counter-offer functionality) available 24/7

    Based on our flagship Marketplace product, host your own marketplace and list products for sale anywhere, any time. Your buyers can elect to trade directly, ask a question, counter the price or volume on existing offers, or place a direct bid to request to buy product.

  • Tenders (open and blind)

    Unique to our Enterprise product, sales tenders are Nui’s auction module. Publishing a tender days in advance gives buyers the opportunity to review the product offered, set their buy strategy and place auto-bids if required. Tenders generally run for 10-15 minutes, and can be open (when buyers see all bids placed) or blind.

  • Real-time data capture, dashboards and analytics tools

    Real time data capture gives us a wealth of information not available elsewhere, that we are progressively adding to our trade and customer activity dashboards.

  • Auditable record of all your orders and trades

    Use the orders and trades tabs to monitor your team’s work, here you can see all orders placed by your team, and all trades confirmed. Data can be filtered to give you the view you need, and exported for further reporting.

  • Freight and multi-currency if required

    Additional modules can be turned on as required. Freight can be accounted for in a number of ways, both pre and post trade. Multi-currency can also be supported.

  • Post trade features

    If you need to share documentation post trade, or want to share updates on freight or purchase orders, this can all be completed within your Nui platform.

What our customers say

Travis Coffey, Director of sales of Hilmar

"The introduction of HilmarConnect™ has revolutionized our sales process. Our customers now have far greater access to our products, and know that at any point in time they are paying the true market price for our products."

Travis Coffey, Director of sales of Hilmar

Rory Hannon, Commercial & Digital Sales Manager at Tirlán Direct

"The Tirlán Direct solution has transformed our sales process. The platform is intuitive to use and our customers have effortlessly adapted to this new way of doing things. Nui were incredibly easy to work with and provided indispensable strategic and technical guidance throughout the entire development process."

Rory Hannon, Commercial & Digital Sales Manager at Tirlán Direct

Tom Hooper, Harvex Customer and Operations lead

"Since its inception, Harvex has worked closely with Nui to develop a truly unique digital experience for B2B onion trading. Whilst the technology side speaks for itself, the partnership between Nui and Harvex is where the true benefit is derived. By providing an adaptable and supportive team Nui have played a critical role in helping Harvex to develop to where it is today. Thank you."

Tom Hooper, Harvex Customer and Operations lead