Nui to acquire DAO.EU

Published on 10 February 2022

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  • Nui to acquire DAO.EU

DAO.EU, which was launched in June 2017, is the only independent digital brokerage marketplace specialising in the direct trade of European dairy commodities.

The platform has provided a unique opportunity for its members to make fully informed trade decisions. DAO.EU has greatly simplified the trading process for its participants and provided them access to a wider range of markets. At the close of 2021, there were 92 companies participating on the platform.

"We started a great tool/platform together with Nui. However, for the growth and future of DAO.EU, we believe that it must become 100% independent. Bringing DAO.EU fully under the Nui umbrella allows us to achieve this. We see and believe in a great future for the platform. Nui is the perfect match to bring it forward."

Rik Loeters, Owner/Managing Director - Trigona

"Over the past few years Nui and DAO.EU have worked hand in hand to develop and grow the DAO platform. Our primary focus over this period has been the European Dairy Market. Together, we have made great in-roads and believe that for DAO.EU to take the next step, it must be completely independent. At Nui, we are incredibly excited to take this next step. It will give us a unique opportunity to forge a closer relationship with DAO customers so we can further enhance the offering."

Kevin O’Sullivan, CEO - Nui Markets

With the acquisition, Nui has some exciting developments in the pipeline to augment the powerful features already on the platform. In the coming months, we look forward to connecting directly with DAO customers to share the product roadmap.

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