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Mike Petersen joins Nui Markets board

Published on 23 January 2020


Until recently, Mike Petersen was New Zealand’s Special Agricultural Trade Envoy for six years, where he advocated for New Zealand’s agriculture trade and market access interests and identified opportunities for New Zealand to commercialise its agricultural expertise offshore.

Mike Petersen has extensive governance experience in the agribusiness sector. Mike is currently the Chair of Pastoral Genomics, and a Director of ANZCO Foods and a number of other privately-owned companies. He was previously Chairman of Beef + Lamb New Zealand.

“I am really excited by Nui’s potential,” says Mike Petersen. “I believe the time is right for new initiatives in providing greater business-to-business engagement through the use of a digital marketplace. Value chains no longer place the consumer at the end of the line, but have them embedded in the centre. Connecting people is the future of business in my view, and Nui can do this easily and efficiently for businesses and in a more sustainable way.”

“Technically, Nui is a very strong platform with a demonstrated track record of success. I feel a real affinity with the business and people involved. This is a business where I feel I can contribute to make a difference and I am joining at an exciting time in Nui’s growth.”

CEO Kevin O’Sullivan says that Mike’s appointment signals a significant shift for Nui as it cements itself as the e-marketplace of choice for agri-food and ingredient business that is fit for a modern world.

“In the past year we have grown to now being the largest e-platform for dairy in Europe, with some of the world’s largest agri-food businesses such as Arla Foods and Valio using our platform to transform their sales process, and scale and enter new markets,” says Kevin O’Sullivan. “The agri-food sector is still relatively traditional in its trading and sales approach, but increasingly we are seeing a real appetite for digital tools such as ours that enable efficiency and scale.

“I am excited about the governance and international business development experience that Mike brings to Nui at a time when we are actively targeting further growth in Europe and the US in particular, and as we expand into other sectors.”

The Nui digital platform and online marketplace is fit-for-purpose for agri-food and ingredient trading, providing sellers with full control of what they offer, who with, and how. Nui is headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand with people based in the UK, Denmark and the US.

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