The game changer for agricultural trading

Nui Markets has revolutionised the way the world trades agricultural products. Our intuitive digital trading platform was created by industry experts in each of the markets and regions we operate in, delivering buyers, sellers, and traders visibility of real-time data and transparent pricing. The result - accurate price discovery and more efficient market outcomes for all.

Find out how Nui Markets could change the way you trade.

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Why use Nui?

  • Transparency of price discovery
    Instant access to multiple traders in the same place creates accurate price discovery and more efficient market outcomes.

  • Deep industry knowledge
    Made for trade by industry professionals, utilising a wealth of experience and category specific, data-driven insights.

  • Easy and intuitive digital platform
    Get trading straight away on our easy-to-use desktop and mobile app interfaces

  • 24/7 support
    Our team are here to offer 24/7 technical support as well as assisting you to customise your settings and engage your trading partners on the platform.

Talking with Nui Markets CEO Kevin O’Sullivan

Hear Nui Markets' CEO and Founder, Kevin O’Sullivan talk about the history of Nui Markets, the strengths of the platform, and why he believes that Nui has a very exciting future as it continues to grow in uptake and popularity in markets around the world - changing the game for how agricultural products are traded.

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Case studies

Our platforms ensure that all users enjoy an array of benefits, ranging from faster trade to more transparent pricing and greater access to counterparties. For us, these aren’t merely words. Instead, they are standards that underpin our platforms.

Our products

  • Nui Marketplace

    Our Nui Marketplaces are our flagship digital trading platforms.

    Each Nui Marketplace provides a dedicated digital trading environment for buyers and sellers interested in specific markets. Bringing multiple trading partners together under one digital roof makes price discovery quicker and easier and means you only deal with genuine, pre-vetted participants seeking a fair outcome.

  • Nui Enterprise

    Our Nui Enterprise solution is our ultimate customisable trading solution.

    It has been developed for manufactures who love the capability and ease of our digital trading marketplace, and who have a sufficiently large volume of trade or their own specific requirements that means a bespoke solution is preferred.

Sustainability through innovation

At Nui Markets, we believe that everyone has an important part to play in sustainability.

It is our mission to promote sustainability in our operations, products and policies. We are committed to working closely with our customers and other stakeholders to ensure we maintain high-levels of efficiency and reliability for our platform and software solutions.

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