Nui Marketplace: The Dairy Trading Platform for Europe

Nui Markets technology has been powering the European dairy market since 2017. Previously known as DAO, the Nui Marketplace is now the preeminent digital trading platform for dairy in Europe and increasingly the world over with Marketplaces being established in North America, Brazil and Asia Pacific.

The platform combines the speed and convenience of a digital trading platform with the expertise that comes with having locally based industry practitioners and robust data and insights having operated the platform in the European Dairy market for over five years.

Previously known as DAO, the Nui Marketplace is now the preeminent digital trading platform for dairy in Europe.

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Each Nui Marketplace is designed for a specific, dedicated agricultural market - built and supported by category experts who understand the industry and provide market knowledge as well as technical know-how. In Europe, our Marketplace specializes in Dairy and so is designed solely for that purpose.

We also operate a number of private Enterprise solutions across some of Europe’s largest manufacturers.

Kevin O'Sullivan, CEO of Nui Markets

"I truly believe that our digital trading platform is the future. It’s very efficient and helps achieve better prices, makes settlement quicker and connects easily to back-office systems. Once customers experience this for themselves, they can see the benefits. At the end of the day it’s still a people business, not just machine’s trading. So whilst the administrative stuff gets easier, it actually frees people up and enhances the people relationships."

Kevin O'Sullivan, CEO of Nui Markets

The Nui Markets interface

The Nui Marketplace interface itself is as easy and intuitive to use as any of the leading consumer auction sites – think eBay or Amazon, with desktop, mobile and an app-based portal.

For sellers, one post instantly notifies all possible buyers, which gives the best chance of finding the right buyer at the right price, quickly.

For buyers, all their options are clearly visible in one place. Trading on Nui removes much of the anxiety around price discovery from both sides, liberating the customer relationship and elevating the level of discussions and professionalism of the procurement and supply chain functions on both sides of the trade.

Nui Marketplace Europe

Price discovery

Because Nui Marketplaces are only frequented by genuine pre-vetted buyers and sellers, as well as ensuring transparent price discovery it also becomes a rich source of data and insights into the category for those who participate, giving them a competitive advantage over those still 'phoning round their list of contacts'.

There are a number of ways your business can utilise Nui Marketplace Europe

  • Through registering to buy or sell on the Marketplace itself
  • By participating in one of Nui's procurement tenders
  • By utilising our Nui broker (+31 20 808 1373)


Annual membership fee

  • Membership covers up to 5 user accounts € 3,300

Brokerage fee *

  • Butter, AMF Cream and Cheese € 5 M/T
  • All other products € 2 M/T

* Brokerage charged on both sides of the trade.

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