Why Nui?

Increased price transparency

Published on 17 August 2021

A case study


When all parties have visibility of the true market price, trading is more attractive. Buyers and sellers have the confidence to accept an offer or a bid readily. The data and competition on a Nui platform provide all participants with the price transparency necessary to conduct global trade.

The problem

Typical phone calls and emails sales methods often do not achieve the true market price as they exclude some potential buyers and fail to foster genuine competition. Crucially, even knowledge of the actual market price is hard to come by because global commodity index prices lack regional specificity and are quickly rendered obsolete due to the volatility within global commodity markets.

Our solution

Nui platforms make trading less opaque by ensuring that trade occurs at a true market price visible to all participants.

Features that enable this trade efficiency

  • Both marketplace and tender modules allow multiple buyers to bid on a product. This competition guarantees that prices settle at their true market level.
  • During tenders, participants get a real-time view of the prices of specific products in specific regional markets. This pricing data is far more relevant for participants than generalised index prices.
  • In the market overview, buyers and sellers can view the ‘last traded’ price for each product.

Our impact

Nui’s market-based, transparent pricing system has given both buyers and sellers confidence that they are getting a fair market price. This system ultimately reduces negotiation tension and encourages trade.

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