Why Nui?

Improved trade efficiency

Published on 17 August 2021

A case study


Through making it easier to communicate with counterparties and complete trades, the Nui platforms provide a more efficient way to buy and sell agricultural commodities.

The problem

Despite living in a time of great technological advances, the way agricultural commodities are physically traded on the spot market has remained antiquated and inefficient. Typical sales teams communicate directly with customers on a one-to-one basis across many channels such as Whatsapp and email. Agreeing and administering trade of agricultural commodities is thus time-consuming, labour-intensive, and difficult to scale.

Our solution

Nui platforms streamline this sales process, reducing the time and effort required for a trade to take place. When you start using a Nui platform, this improved level of efficiency is noticeable right from the first trade.

Features that enable this trade efficiency

  • Both marketplace and tender modules allow sellers to publish one offer for multiple counterparties, eliminating the need to communicate with each buyer individually.
  • Documentation with trade confirmation and counterparty details is sent to both the buyer and the seller automatically once a trade is completed.
  • The auto bid feature for tenders enables automatic bidding up to (but not beyond) a specified price, meaning that buyers can participate in tenders without having to commit time to tracking the live tender.
  • Our user-friendly platform design allows for trades to be completed at the click of a button.

Our impact

Both buyers and sellers have benefitted from the improved trade efficiency that our platforms offer. Rory Hannon, the Commercial & Digital Sales Manager at Glanbia Ireland, commented that,

"The Glanbia Direct solution has transformed our sales process. The platform is intuitive to use and our customers have effortlessly adapted to this new way of doing things."

Rory Hannon

Crucially, a more efficient sales process has meant that sales teams have been able to allocate more time and resources to value-added activities like building customer relationships and accommodating unique customer needs.

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