At Nui Markets, we believe that everyone has an important part to play in sustainability.

Our mission

It is our mission to promote sustainability in our operations, products and policies. We are committed to working closely with our customers and other stakeholders to ensure we maintain high-levels of efficiency and reliability for our platform and software solutions.

1 | Zero Carbon Business - Certification

Nui is proud to be certified Zero Carbon Business Operations with Ekos.

We have measured and offset our business operations' carbon footprint from April 2022 to March 2023 with certified carbon credits. Our footprint includes business activities for the main office and remote offices in New Zealand and overseas, such as business travel, fuel & energy-related emissions, staff commuting, purchased electricity, purchased goods, and business waste.
Ekos-certified carbon credits are sourced from projects that grow and protect forests in Aotearoa and the Pacific Islands and help to deliver climate resilience, waterways protection, erosion control, biodiversity conservation and community economic development.
Head to Ekos to learn more about our carbon management steps.

2 | Carbon benefits of our software

Nui software is cloud based which means it is more energy efficient and more carbon efficient than other on-premises solutions.


Studies by 451 Research have shown that AWS' infrastructure is 3.6 times more energy efficient than the median of U.S. enterprise data centers surveyed and up to five times more energy efficient than the average in Europe. 451 Research also found that AWS can lower customers' workload carbon footprints by nearly 80% compared to surveyed enterprise data centers, and up to 96% once AWS is powered with 100% renewable energy (2025 target). You can find more information on their website here.

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3 | Environmental goals

At Nui Markets we have committed to the following goals related our environmental impact:

  • Zero-waste To landfill
    By 2023
  • Reduce use of fossil fuels
    In 2023/24
  • Monitor other Environmental Impacts
    In 2023/24
  • At Nui Markets we are streamlining our waste processes and practices. Our goal is to achieve zero waste to landfill in the near future.

  • Nui Markets have implemented a company policy to encourage a reduction in the number of petrol/diesel vehicles rented during business travel – encouraging staff to opt for electric or public transport alternatives where possible.

  • Nui Markets have set an objective to track and monitor our environmental impacts on a monthly basis. Aside from our goal tracking of emissions, waste and car hire – this will evolve to include monthly tracking of electricity, water and staff commutes.

4 | Community impact

The Nui team have been very busy getting involved in the community. Here are some of the projects we have supported in the last 12 months.

Projects supported through carbon offsetting

  • Rarakau – New Zealand

    Rarakau – New Zealand

    The first rainforest carbon project in New Zealand - Protecting 738 ha of Māori-owned indigenous rainforest, allowing the indigenous Māori to keep it for conservation and cultural purposes. Click here to read more about it:

  • Rameka – New Zealand

    Rameka – New Zealand

    Reforesting and protecting 93ha of indigenous forest in Mōhua (Golden Bay), Aotearoa. A community-based forest carbon project combined with public tracks for human-powered recreation. Click here to read more about it:

Volunteering & Sponsorships

1 | Eat My Lunch

Nui Markets’ awesome staff were up at the crack of dawn to help Eat My Lunch in their mission to ensure that no child goes hungry at school.

2 | Sponsoring of junior debating team

Nui Markets is sponsoring an Auckland schools junior debating team.

3 | Sponsoring of local school sport teams

Nui Markets provided some sponsorship for the NZ U20s disc ultimate squad's recent trip to Wroclaw, Poland, for the junior world championship. Nui's COO Rebecca Swinson, attended as the manager of the  Katipo team (U20 open).

  • 4 | Sustainable coffee habits

    Nui members using the sustainable coffee keep cups

    We kicked-off our goal to minimize landfill waste by making our coffee habits a bit more sustainable. These are our cool new Nui branded reusable coffee cups.

  • 5 | 700 Meals to local doctors and nurses

    700 Meals to local doctors and nurses

    Ashley Honey, a member Nui’s US team, set up a David Hoggins Challenge to show support for doctors and nurses during the pandemic. They ran 4 miles every 4 hours for 48 hours - raising enough to deliver meals to 700 local doctors and nurses.

Join us on our mission

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