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Buy and sell anywhere, anytime with a single click of a button.

Nui solutions are uniquely developed to meet the needs of buyers, sellers and traders. We combine the most current development trends to bring our knowledge of your industry to life.

Open markets, real-time data capture and logistics

A Nui trading platform offers you a low-risk, high-reward way into digital trading. You control what you trade, who you trade with, and how you trade, activating direct sales to a vast array of customers all over the world.

A Nui digital platform can be implemented quickly and efficiently to augment your existing sales toolkit, enabling you to simultaneously work with more of your customers than ever before. This more efficient way of doing business frees up your sales team to build deeper relationships with both new and existing customers.

Our data analytics tools provide extensive market and customer insights — using the data captured on the platform to help you better understand your customers needs.

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Two ways of trading


Our open marketplace provides a live snapshot of all products currently on offer. Buyers and sellers have equal access to information, creating a true market price for everyone involved.


These live, limited-timeframe auction events are an effective way to offer a large volume of products that need to be sold in a short amount of time. Our tenders are an excellent solution for providing off-spec products across a wider customer base and achieving the true market price.

We are connecting suppliers to buyers around the globe

The Nui trading platform offers unparalleled service to our clients and their suppliers to remove barriers to forming a mutually beneficial partnership. We are rewarded when our customers are successfully procuring their products. Select the solution that is the most suitable for you and your business.

  • Private

    Configured for a single seller to offer products to a group of pre-approved buyers.

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  • Matrix

    Brings together a collection of trading partners who can buy or sell to pre-approved participants.

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  • Shared

    Enables multiple sellers to offer products to a collective pool of buyers.

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