Stability, security and performance

The technology underpinning both the Marketplace and Enterprise platforms is built with stability, security and performance in mind. All Nui products are hosted on a secure cloud-based platform with the ability to track and record all transactions, making it easy to access records for compliance purposes, as well as being easily scalable as your needs grow.

The platforms can be accessed via secure log-in on both web-based desktop and mobile application for access wherever you are and with cross-device syncing you can seamlessly continue your work as you switch between your devices.

Nui also provides 24/7 technical support through chat and email.

Desktop and mobile app

The Nui product suite

The Nui trading platform was created to provide an easy, efficient digital Marketplace environment in which multiple buyers and sellers can interact to trade within a specific geography and industry vertical. This remains our flagship product and is now replicated successfully around the world in various regions.

We have also developed a customisable Enterprise solution built on the same technology and trading know-how, adapted for larger sales organisations for use as their own bespoke sales portal.

  • Nui Marketplace

    Our Nui Marketplaces are our flagship digital trading platforms.

    Each Nui Marketplace provides a dedicated digital trading environment for buyers and sellers interested in specific markets. Bringing multiple trading partners together under one digital roof makes price discovery quicker and easier and means you only deal with genuine, pre-vetted participants seeking a fair outcome.

  • Nui Enterprise

    Our Nui Enterprise solution is our ultimate customisable trading solution.

    It has been developed for manufacturers who love the capability and ease of our digital trading marketplace, and who have a sufficiently large volume of trade or their own specific requirements that means a bespoke solution is preferred.