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We have designed and developed a digital trading platform and online marketplace that is fit for purpose for tomorrow’s trading world. The platform simplifies the sales process between sellers and buyers in the primary industry commodity trading sector.

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Nui platform

How it works

The Nui digital trading platform is designed to be installed and integrated directly into your business. It enables you to control what you trade, when you trade, and who you trade with.

Trading options include tenders, marketplace, private offers, and more. With Nui, your business is globally and digitally enabled in the most focused, flexible and effective way possible.

Nui is not for everyone. We are for producers and sellers who see the potential of global trading done digitally at speed, one-to-one and profitably.

Your platform

The Nui platform is customised to suit your specific trading and business needs and is branded to look and feel like your own.

As the platform owner, you control who gets access to your online marketplace and allow you to activate your full buyer database efficiently or to open products to selected buyers only.

Privacy options allow offers and bids to be open or closed, depending on your preferences.

Nui’s platform enables push notifications, which allow you to quickly and easily let your buyers know when new products are available.

The platform is mobile-ready, enabling trading anywhere, any time.

Technology and data

Nui's extensive data and analytics reporting modules provide valuable insight into your trading activity over any set time, enabling you to analyse trends and make any changes to minimise risk and maximise opportunities.

Nui's API can be seamlessly integrated with existing ERP platforms, giving you straight-through processing to SAP and other ERP solutions, cutting out the need for unnecessary paperwork.

The Nui platform is Blockchain ready, as consumer demand for product origin data becomes an essential element of trading.

Nui's platforms are hosted by Amazon Web Services, ensuring your data and information is as secure as possible.

Fast and simple implementation

The Nui platform is designed to be installed quickly and easily into your existing business, and comes with extensive implementation and onboarding support from Nui’s global team.

Roll-out can be completed in as little as one month, and once in use, we provide 24x7 service and tech support.

For your buyers

Any platform is of little value to a seller if buyers are unable to use it; success of any online platform depends on market liquidity and active participants. This is particularly relevant to new digital technology.

We’ve designed the Nui platform to be easy and intuitive to use. We can work with you to provide your buyers with the right material to help them effectively and efficiently use your platform from day one.

Powering up your team

The Nui platform is not designed to replace your sales and trading teams. Complementing your existing approach, Nui powers your team up so they have more time to find more buyers, build stronger relationships, and activate their full sales database.

We help train your team to use the Nui platform with live tutorials and webinars, and our learning material is available any time. It is important that your team quickly adjusts to a new digital trading world, which is why our onboarding programme is designed to ensure that your team is able to quickly adapt to a new way of trading.

We also have the capability to help you find new buyers at a global level to assist you in growing your business. Talk to us to find out more.

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What our clients say about us


"The implementation process with Nui proved to be simple and straightforward, with our suggestions carefully discussed and considered in order to develop the most comprehensive solution for Arla foods."

Fabian Ruge-Foersom, Senior Sales Manager, Arla Foods


"We strongly believe in the benefits of online sales platforms and chose to partner up with Nui after careful considerations. Nui has proven to be an excellent partner in fine-tuning and adapting the platform to our specific needs."

Martijn Goedhart, Key Account Manager, Hoogwegt International


"When DAO explored options for a technology partner to help realise our vision of an online trading platform for dairy products in the EU, Nui was the obvious choice. The Nui platform has exceeded our expectations from the start. No issue was too big or too small for the staff at Nui."

Richard Klink, Managing Director, DAO.EU — Europe's premium dairy trading platform

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