Nui Marketplace

Once you’ve registered to become a member of a Nui Marketplace, you open-up access to a game-changing world of trading opportunities. The inefficiencies of traditional trading are removed, and replaced with the benefits of a fast, efficient, online digital trading platform, where your ability to reach more trading partners more quickly is transformed.

Trading opportunities

Whether you are a buyer, seller, or trader, you’ll be able to access data, insights, and trading opportunities where-ever you can connect online. What’s more our Marketplaces are desktop and mobile app based, which means you can set notifications to alert you of a new listing or offer and need never miss a beat.

Supported by 24/7 tech support and designed with your specific industry user in mind, the Nui Marketplace experience is so intuitive you’ll quickly wonder why you haven’t always done it this way.

Typically, customers new to Nui find that the platform provides a tremendous improvement on their previous approach not only making the actual trading easier and less time consuming for all parties, but freeing up the teams to focus on the important aspects of building stronger partnerships.

"As purchasers of Kaas-Pack, we use the Nui platform as one of the tools that ensure that we have up-to-date market information. It is a user-friendly tool to follow the market and to be able to buy at the right time."

Arjan van den Brink, Purchaser at Kaas-Pack Netherlands

Why Nui Marketplace is right for you

At Nui, our platform is used by all different types of customers, so whether you’re a buyer, seller or trader, there are real advantages in trading in a Nui Marketplace.

Nui Marketplace for...

  • As a seller, Nui offers much more than simply a shop window or listing service for your product. The real time data available helps strengthen your confidence in the price discovery process as well as being flexible enough to suit your specific needs.

    1. Set up the terms of trade that suit you
    2. Limit who you trade with (optional)
    3. List your product(s) for sale through a fixed price or tender
    4. Know that your offer is being considered by hundreds of potential buyers, giving you a greater chance of achieving the best and fairest price
  • As a buyer, trading on the Nui platform means you have the market data and insights at your fingertips to give you a better understanding of the market dynamics and be able to work out your buying strategy, knowing that you are paying fair market price.

    1. Research different markets to see which products and quantities are available, and discover the going price
    2. Make an offer, or counter offer on a fixed price listing
    3. Or let the market decide and bid in a tender process
  • As a trader, Nui provides the perfect platform for you to access real time market data and insights and trade in a true independent marketplace with hundreds of products and opportunities.

    1. Instant access to multiple buyers and sellers
    2. Access to and visibility of comprehensive product listings
    3. Accurate and fair price discovery


  • Marketplace (with counter-offer functionality) available 24/7

    Test the market. Place a bid or offer anywhere, any time. Elect to trade directly on open orders, ask a question, counter the price or volume on existing orders. The level of anonymity is set for each marketplace.

  • Select who you want to trade with

    Use the participants tab to select who you wish to trade with. In some Nui Marketplaces, sellers can also select payment terms for each buying participant.

  • Real-time data capture, dashboards and analytics tools

    Real time data capture helps us and you to understand the market you are working in. Receive market trade notifications or view the trade information dashboard to understand market trends.

  • Auditable record of all your orders and trades

    Use the orders and trades tabs to monitor your team’s work, here you can see all orders placed by your team, and all trades confirmed. Data can be filtered to give you the view you need, and exported for further reporting.

  • Post trade features

    If you need to share documentation post trade, this can be completed within your Nui platform. Other post trade actions are available on some Nui Marketplaces.

What our customers say

"We use the Nui marketplace as an efficient and reliable tool to source and trade our dairy commodities anonymously. With the participant selection feature, we always know upfront who is the potential counterparty. The Nui platform enables us to make fully informed real-time trade decisions in order to swiftly respond on changing market conditions. In addition, we are very satisfied with the 24/7 customer support feature and the user-friendly interface."

Dennis Berberich, Geschäftsführung at Girando