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Well, that was a year…

Published on 21 December 2022


Thank you for helping us make 2022 a special year for Nui Markets

As we draw towards the close of 2022, it’s a good opportunity to pause and reflect on what has been something of an extraordinary year for all of us. We’ve been learning to live in a post pandemic world, whilst dealing with the impact of conflict in Europe and navigating our way through the inflationary challenges from a stressed global supply of labour and goods.

In amongst that we’ve seen a significant shift in behaviour towards embracing digital in all aspects of our lives, in particular in the way that business interact. For us the shift towards digital trading platforms has been very noticeable. The increased pressure to achieve fair and optimised pricing coupled with the realisation that digital trading has enormous benefits in speed, efficiency and data transparency has contributed to us seeing a 36% growth in value traded on Nui around the world this year.


That level of growth has expanded our user base significantly, with over 400 companies from 67 countries now trading on Nui Marketplaces. One such company is Open Country, who oversaw the trade in October that saw us tick over a $1 billion trading milestone. Whilst we might have felt that tickertape should rain from the skies in celebration, of course it’s is purely symbolic data point, but nonetheless one that we are very proud of.

Elsewhere in the world, as demand for our service continues to grow, we have welcomed new Enterprise customers – most recently Darigold and Valley Milk, and opened Marketplaces in North and South America, trading Dairy and Biofuel respectively.


It’s part of our strategy to keep evolving to meet our customer needs and helping set the gold standard for digital trading platforms. We are constantly seeking feedback from our customers so that we can keep improving the offering. That’s why in 2022 you will have seen multiple product updates, new functionality added, and service improvements implemented like the new split offers, and subject to final confirmation offers.

DAO becomes Nui Marketplace Europe


Perhaps one of the most significant changes this year, at least for our European customers was the purchase of DAO back in April. This was a big deal for us as we took the step towards being a wholly independent trading service provider. The launch event in October provided a fabulous opportunity for us to meet with many of you and learn more about your businesses and needs so that we can continue to innovate and improve. Earlier this month, we took the opportunity to rebrand DAO to align with our flagship Nui Marketplace offering – if you haven’t already, be sure to log in to ensure you continue to receive all notifications.

As the team has grown to reflect the growth in the overall business, we’ve seen some great appointments across North America, Europe and back home here in New Zealand. We all look forward to having a short break to recharge, before cracking into 2023 and continuing to connect with customers, starting with the IDFA Dairy Forum in Orlando at the end of January.


If you'd like to know more about how our Enterprise solution could work for you or find out what our plans are for Nui Marketplace North America, register your interest here, and we’ll get in touch to arrange a time to meet.

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