Valio launches new trading platform powered by Nui

Published on 11 October 2019

Valio platform

Nui are excited to announce the launch of Finnish dairy co-op Valio’s new 24/7 online trading platform.

The new platform was launched on 1 October 2019, and Valio completed their first trade on the platform within 72 hours of going live. The platform is supported and powered by Nui.

Valio will be offering a variety of butter, cheese and milk powder products on the platform.

Ari Ahonen, Valio Sales Director describes the some of the thinking behind going digital:

“We see the big potential of global commodity trading with a digital marketplace and tender process. We believe that the platform will simplify the sales process and enable greater connection between buyer and seller in the industrial commodity trading sector.”

Ari Ahonen, Valio Sales Director

Established in 1905, Valio is a dairy co-op owned by more than 5,100 dairy farmers. They are Finland’s largest food exporter and a major player in the international dairy ingredients market. Valio are an industry leader and their subsidiary operations include locations in Russia, Sweden, United States, China and more.

With the October launch, Nui has added yet another distinct trading platform to its portfolio, alongside the likes of Arla Foods, Hoogwegt and DAO.EU.

“Our platforms allow hundreds of buyers, sellers, and traders to take advantage of Nui’s robust and easy to use interface,”. “We are very pleased to be working with Valio on their digital platform. This is an excellent opportunity for us to bring another major partner into the future of digital trading. We are delighted to help yet another company develop their own avenue for trading products online.”

Nui CEO Kevin O’Sullivan

For more information about how Nui’s digital trading platform can help your business to scale efficiently and effectively contact us.

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