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Purchase Tenders on DAO.EU

Published on 17 April 2020


New tender feature for DAO.EU

From Monday, April 13th, all DAO participants can now run their own purchase tenders. DAO.EU see huge possibilities for the tender option.

"The DAO.EU purchase tender can be tailored to the specific needs of the company that is running the tender. The main benefits are reduction of the purchasing costs, enhancement of the procurement process and data centralization. We believe the new purchase tender option on DAO is going to provide great outcomes for both buyers and sellers."

DAO Sales and Marketing Manager Richard Klink

This is a great way to signal to the wider market that you are ready for a substantial purchase on a specific product and instantly activates a dynamic and competitive market in which multiple sellers can participate simultaneously.

Once the tender has been completed, simply select which offer or offers you would like to purchase. It’s as easy as that.

"This will be a real game changer for all DAO participants, as it will be yet another way that both buyers and sellers to use the online marketplace as an effective price-setting tool."

Kevin O'Sullivan, Nui CEO

At Nui we’re always looking for ways to open up new markets and channels for trading. The purchase tender on DAO is just another example of how we’re helping trade for a new world.

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