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Winner of Best Emerging Business Award

Published on 28 October 2022


Whilst it’s true that winning in the marketplace is the most important recognition that any company seeks, for an emerging business, early in its growth trajectory, the confidence and self-affirmation that comes with winning industry awards also matters.

That is certainly the case for Kiwi technology innovator, Nui Markets, who were recognised last night as winners at the NZTE International Business Awards in the Best Emerging Business category. It comes on the back of a big year for Nui, who have hit a number of major milestones during 2022 including launching their first Marketplaces in North America and Brazil, as well as reaching over $1bn in trade since inception and now operating in over 62 countries, facilitating trade between over 380 companies.

“I’m delighted to receive this recognition on behalf of the team at Nui. It’s a really positive endorsement of the hard work that everyone has put into building the company, and especially important this year as we have embarked on a number of initiatives that have really accelerated our growth, and set us up for an exciting future.”

Kevin O'Sullivan, CEO of Nui Markets


From left to right: Nui Directors Duncan Milne and David Ross, Rebecca Swinson, Monique Bertazzon and Platform Director Dion Peters. Second photo: Nui COO Rebecca Swinson and Head of Finance Monique Bertazzon.

In awarding Nui Markets, the judges commented that it was Nui’s focus on establishing export markets at their core from the very beginning that set them apart. Nui now operate digital Marketplaces around the world in various product categories, from Biofuel in Brazil, to Dairy in Europe and North America.

The technology behind the digital trading platform is only part of the proposition, the specialist nature of each industry marketplace, coupled with the local knowledge and insights is what sets Nui Marketplaces apart from more generalist trading platforms. It’s this point of difference that is attracting clients to trade on Nui platforms around the world, and by doing so is bringing multiple buyers, sellers and traders together which means achieving better price transparency and a level of data and market insights that is not available elsewhere.


All NZTE International Business Awards winners.

Kevin is confident that Nui is only just getting going, and why Emerging Business is exactly the right category for Nui right now.

“We know that our proposition is a game-changer for the industries in which we operate. Once clients overcome their trepidation about moving on from the old ways of trading, they quickly embrace our platform, and it becomes a virtuous circle. As more people trade in our Marketplaces, the better the liquidity and the better it becomes at delivering the accurate and efficient price discovery.”

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