Nui Markets Webinar at IDFA

Published on 13 May 2020


Nui Markets at IDFA

On May 19th, Nui Markets will be hosting a webinar for IDFA members. The webinar will focus on implementing an effective digital strategy as well as offer our observations from recent lessons learned from Europe.

We believe this will provide a great opportunity for us to provide our insights to a US audience. Anyone can register for the webinar and it should be a very intriguing and worthwhile session.

About the webinar presenters

Mike Petersen (Chairman) spent the past six years as New Zealand Special Agricultural Trade Envoy. Mike has a deep understanding of the agricultural trading markets with a truly global perspective.

Kevin O’Sullivan (CEO): The co-founder and chief executive of Nui. He is an experienced financial markets professional with a background in brokering and foreign exchange trading. A highly motivated entrepreneur, Kevin has a deep understanding of international trading markets, combined with experience in all aspects of business leadership, people management and strategic direction.

Paul Grave (Chief Strategy Officer) was the Managing Director of Global Dairy Trade when Fonterra launched the platform in 2008. This launch coincided with the GFC so Paul’s insights into digital transformation during a global crisis is expertise that not many have access to. With the recent upheaval, Paul’s experience and insights have been highly sought after, not only from our current customer base, but also potential customers.

Ashley Honey (Senior VP Americas): Ashley has over 15 years experience in commodities, foreign exchange trading and treasury risk management. Ashley has worked on major financial markets projects across the globe for some of the worlds largest corporations including BNP paribas, Ball Corporation and Barclays Capital.

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