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Nui customer update September 2021

Published on 23 September 2021


It’s been a busy and unpredictable ride in 2021 so far. Throughout it all, Nui continues to be an industry leader in the online trading space for agri-business. Over the past few months, we’ve added new solutions, refined our technology and streamlined our delivery and implementation processes.

In general, year on year sales volumes across the Nui platforms have continued to increase. Multiple platforms have weekly tender events and it’s resoundingly clear that the technology is perfectly suited for our continuously shifting global conditions.

Technology updates

Redesigned tender

We have dramatically redesigned the tender module on the platform. We’re very excited about the changes, which were fueled, in large part, by input we obtained from platform users. The new streamlined design has improved usability and has been a key driver in the increased trading volumes we’re seeing across multiple solutions.

Additionally, these changes have made the underlying code of the system more adaptable for subsequent developments, thus improving our ability to facilitate user-driven changes and requests moving forward.


Other new features

We have also updated a few other aspects of the platform. Post trade actions for participants have been enhanced, allowing additional flexibility on file uploads, the addition of freight and more.

We have also introduced an activity dashboard for solution owners. The dashboard provides additional insights and allows solution owners to refine their sales processes moving forward.


New solutions

The list of companies embracing online trading with Nui has continued to grow, including our first two American companies.


Milk Specialties Global, a US-based customised protein ingredient provider is the most recent company to launch a Nui solution The solution went live in August, and their first trades were completed via the platform very shortly after that.

This launch was completed as New Zealand entered a stringent lockdown. The implementation and onboarding team were able to lock everything in, despite the restrictive business conditions on the ground and the launch took place as scheduled.

Hilmar Connect™ launched in March and has seen a continuous increase in sales on the platform. Hilmar intend to expand their online presence via the platform, particularly by using the newly redesigned tender module.


Continuing on from a very successful launch earlier this year, August marked an important change for Harvex, with the New Zealand onion season coming to an end and the last few onions flying out the packing house doors of New Zealand Exporters.


In the New Zealand season alone, over 7000 Metric Tonnes were traded through the Harvex platform. We now transition to the European season with new supply started to hit the marketplace. Already this year Harvex has increased the number of companies selling on the platform from two to six growers around the globe, offering buyers year round access to great products.

World slowly opening up

As Nui has a presence in several locations around the globe, we are in the fortunate position where some of our team have been able to get back to travel - spending time with existing customers, meeting new customers and even attending conferences.


Europe Team - After 18 months of travel restrictions, our first trip enabled some great face to face meetings with current and potential customers. It is clear that digitalization of trade is on the agenda for many players in the dairy market, and we see increasing demand within the industry.

We have missed the face to face interactions with customers and are looking forward to more in the near future.

Nui will be participating in Anuga this year. We’ll be there on Monday 11th & Tuesday 12th October and would be happy to meet. If you wish to make an appointment please click on this link to do so:

U.S.A Team - In Nui’s first major travel since the pandemic began Ashley Honey and Alfredo Holguin traveled to Brazil and Mexico to visit with potential customers and discover more about the local conditions across a number of commodities.

Ashley and Alfredo met with several potential partners and Government officials looking to further develop export markets in a number of products, cumulating in attending the annual AMPHAC (tomato association) general meeting in Los Cabos to meet with major producers and selling agents for the development of a US export market.


Ashley Honey and Jonathan Spurway will be attending the Urner Barry Executive Conference on 26th-28th of September in Las Vegas, NV. This conference is "Where the protein industry's most influential members go to network, learn and advance their professional development.” It is a must-attend event for decision makers in the protein industry and a place where people network, build camaraderie, and stimulate professional business thinking within the poultry, egg and red meat industry.

The attendee list is comprised with over 400 c-suite, VP, director, and management level members from the most instrumental companies in the protein industry. They are the producers, processors, buyers, brokers, and association members that have the biggest impact on the marketplace in the US and around the world and as a result NUI will be there to listen, learn and solve!

Nui not only has Ashley Honey and Jonathan Spurway in attendance, but is also a sponsor of the event. We see events like this critical to the industry’s growth and they provide NUI a stage to connect with industry leaders that are seeking new ways and technologies to advance their businesses.

If you are not attending, perhaps you should…? And if you are attending, why not reach out to Ashley or Jonathan. If you wish to book at time to catch up with Nui visit

Nui in the news


Nui’s Senior VP (Americas) Ashley Honey was featured in a thought leadership article in the highly respected US magazine Meating Place. The article offers strategic insights about the transformative power of platforms like those developed by Nui.

You can read the full article here:

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