Nui customer update December 2021

Published on 23 December 2021

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  • Nui customer update December 2021

What a wild ride 2021 has been. Nevertheless, Nui continues to be an industry leader in the online trading space for agri-business. Since the last customer update, we’ve refined our platforms further and streamlined our delivery and implementation processes.

This year, we have experienced significant growth, with yearly sales volumes increasing by 70%. Across all Nui platforms, we also have seen an increase of 200% in the number of trades. Several platforms have weekly tender events, and we are confident that the technology is perfectly suited for the shifting global conditions.

Technology updates

Trade dashboard

We have received great feedback on the activity dashboard for solution owners that we deployed earlier in the year and have added additional views to this in an effort to provide further insights. In addition to this, we have recently launched our trade dashboard - which tracks price and volume over time for an easy view of trade history. We hope you find this useful, and as always, we’d welcome your feedback on this.


Tender auto-bid

After redesigning the tender module a few months ago, our development team has been busy adding exciting new features such as Tender auto-bids. The tender auto-bid feature allows buyers to record the maximum price they’re willing to pay for an order. It then keeps you in the lead by automatically placing a higher bid whenever you’re outbid.


Mobile Tender Module

Don’t forget that you can now participate in tenders on the Nui mobile app. Buyers are able to monitor and participate in tenders on the go.


Customer highlights

We were pleased to see DAO run their first procurement tender earlier this month. Feedback from tender participants was very positive - the tender process provided improved transparency for all, thereby building trust between buyers and suppliers.

Open Country is the latest addition to the Nui network. Customer engagement is building on Open Country’s ‘Milk Market Partnership’, and again we hear that both buyers and suppliers are embracing digital trade. Great things are planned for this solution in 2022.

Nui team updates

As Nui has a presence in several locations around the globe, we are in a fortunate position where some of our team have been able to travel and spend time with existing customers, meet new customers and attend conferences.

Europe Team - Kevin’s European visit last October was successful. He was able to meet up with current customers, potential prospects and partners. Jeppe was the featured speaker at Valio’s recent webinar. He talked about digital transformation in the commodity industry and how Nui provides businesses with a convenient option to buy and sell their products.

U.S.A Team - During the first week of December, Jonathan Spurway attended ADPI (American Dairy Products Institute) conference in Santa Barbara, CA. There were three main topics that the USA dairy industry seemed to be focused around:

  1. The use of Nui’s digital trading platforms.
  2. High prices and continued bullish sentiment.
  3. Sustainability and Carbon Trading.


We received very positive feedback from what our platforms provided to industry users (platform owners and buyers). With eight active enquiries into technology, 2022 will be a busy year! With that being said, we here at Nui would like to wish everyone a wonderful Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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