May Nui Markets Update

Published on 21 May 2020


New and upcoming developments

Like the rest of the world we’ve been navigating unfamiliar challenges these past few weeks. Despite the constantly changing conditions, we believe that going digital is easier and makes more sense than ever before.

What's new

  • Nui at IDFA: On May 19th, Nui presented a webinar (as part of the IDFA webinar series) around digital strategies for online trading. Our four presenters provided both strategic insights as well as recent lessons learned in Europe. The webinar was well attended and solicited a robust Q&A after the session.
  • Increased activity: There has been a dramatic uptick of trading activity across our platforms. Since the beginning of the year, the DAO platform alone has recorded a 300% increase per month over the previous year.
  • Arla Food Ingredients goes live: The new Arla Food Ingredients Platform launched on May 18th. This platform will help provide a unique opportunity for Arla Food Ingredients to offer a spot marketplace. The new platform is a comprehensive solution that can be accessed 24/7, from anywhere in the world. We're excited to help another business with their digital transformation.
  • DAO procurement tender function: We've created a new procurement option for DAO tenders. This gives DAO participants the option to run live auction-style events where they can quickly ascertain the most up-to-date market price from an approved group of sellers.

Usability improvements

We're continually optimising the user experience. As part of our ongoing User Experience Initiative we are rolling out a number of modifications to how the platform works. These small changes will result in enhanced navigational tools and a more intuitive user interface.

On the horizon

Some exciting changes are coming soon. We're currently redesigning and optimising our notification system. This will allow users to customise what notifications they receive and how they receive them.

Our reporting and analytics engine is getting an overhaul as well—this will provide easier access to historical trade data and provide even greater insights for future transactions.

These are only some of the changes in the pipeline. If you have any questions about this update or around any of the other new features we've released recently, please drop us a line.

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