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Published on 03 March 2021

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2021 has gotten off to a roaring start at Nui. We’ve added new platforms, new functionality and new ways for our customers to boost their online sales.

Technology updates

Counters linked to original offer

It is now easier than ever to place and manage counters. Our new counter option gives buyers a way to propose a new price to the seller while still retaining visibility of any other counters that have been placed.

Counters are an efficient option for buyers to obtain a transparent view of current market prices.


Sellers can simultaneously view all current counters and complete a trade on the counter that best suits their needs. Once a counter has been accepted, the original offer will be automatically updated, and all involved parties will be notified accordingly.

Document upload for individual orders

Our new document upload function enables customers to attach a document to a specific order. This provides an easy interface for sellers to quickly create an offer for off-spec products, which is a convenient option for one-off product offerings. Additionally, it makes it possible to provide the details for a combination of products made available in a single offer.

Any standard file type can be attached to offers - images, product specifications or promotional material. If required, multiple documents can be attached to the order. This new functionality enhances the flexibility of individual offers and provides a more complete picture of what’s on offer to both buyers and sellers.


Export historical trading data to CSV

Users can now download their historical trading data to a CSV file. Once downloaded into a CSV, the data can be analysed to optimise sales performance moving forward. Both historical order and trade data can be downloaded, simply by navigating to the appropriate tab in the marketplace.

New platforms


Harvex (the world's onion trading platform) launched at the end of 2020. Since launching, activity and interest in the platform has been high. According to Harvex CEO Alex Guilleux, the new platform “provides a secure space where buyers and sellers can trade seamlessly, while also improving access for smaller growers to international markets.” Based in New Zealand, Harvex represents the first Asia-Pacific partnership for Nui Markets and Nui's first venture into the world of produce.


In addition, we are proud to announce that later this month we will be launching our first platform in the American market. This platform will be a partnership with a large American dairy producer. Full details will be released once the platform goes live.

New VP of Europe


We're excited to announce the promotion of Jeppe R.S. Jøker to Senior VP of Europe. Jeppe has been a valued member of the Nui team for the past 2+ years, over which time he has become a pivotal person for Nui in Europe. Jeppe draws on a wide range of experience in the dairy industry with a specific focus on B2B commerce. Moving forward, he will be the key contact person for our European partners as well as serving as the direct line of communication between Nui Europe and Nui's Board of Directors. Have a question? Drop him a line.

Don’t forget…

...To download the Nui App. The Nui app has been completely rebuilt, with a wide range of new features which make online trading easier than ever before. With the app you can place new orders, create a trade on an existing bid/offer or counter any offer. You can also use the app to receive all of the notifications you need to stay on top of things—anywhere, anytime.


The app can be downloaded from the App Store of your choice:

Download for iPhone | Download for Android

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