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Customer update 20 November

Published on 20 November 2020


New exciting developments

2020 has been a year unlike anything any of us have experienced before. COVID-19 continues to have a catastrophic impact around the globe, affecting all of our businesses to some degree. Jobs have been lost, schools and communities shut down, and working from home for long periods – or for good - has become normal during the pandemic.

As we head towards year-end, with recent hopeful news of vaccines in development, we are all looking to the future to see what 2021 will bring. At Nui Markets, we’ve seen a large increase in both trading volumes and interest in digital channels to market for B2B agri companies. We’ve also been very busy fine-tuning improvements to our offering and several new exciting developments that will be released on Monday, November 23.

In short, things have been busy here and this update shares what we’ve been focusing on.

New app

Over the past few months, we have redeveloped a completely new Nui app, with key features for users including:

  • All notifications delivered via the app, with a history of notifications available on the app.
  • Live marketplace lets you monitor all active bids and offers.
  • All orders (whether placed via PC or mobile) are available for amendment
  • Full order history.
  • All your trading history for marketplace is available.
  • Ability to place new orders.
  • Trade on any available bids or offers.
  • Choose, to use Face I.D, thumb print or pin code to confirm new market trades via your mobile.

Many of you have the current APP and will need to delete this and download the new Nui Markets APP. Just follow the links below to download.

Download for iPhone | Download for Android

Improved usability

We're continually trying to refine and improve the user experience. As part of our ongoing User Experience Initiative we’re rolling out a number of modifications to how the platform works. I’ve highlighted below two of the newest improvements that you will notice from Monday onwards.

New Marketplace view

In addition to the current market overview, we now have a new marketplace view, providing you with these key features:

  • Only active bids and offers are displayed
  • Expand each bid or offer for full details
  • Trade, counter, or ask a question directly from the expanded view.

User-driven updates

We put a high value on user feedback, listening carefully and learning, and always looking to offer a solution. Accordingly, we have made a change to some of the terminology that we use across platforms.

To standardise our delivery address terminology on the platform, we’ve changed the name of Warehouses to Locations. To view/edit Locations, just navigate to the menu (three dots to the right of Orders and Trades) and select Locations.


We’ve also made the terminology more specific in some places, including the New Order form and Order/Trade details. These are now called Delivery from and Delivery to, reflecting the From location and To location of the order or trade.

Customer highlights


We believe in online sales

"We see the potential for global commodity buying to be carried out through digital channels. Our new Glanbia Direct platform simplifies the sales process between us and commodity sector buyers.. This is something that customers have been asking for and we are happy to provide this new solution."

Aoife Murphy, Commercial Director – Ingredients at Glanbia Ireland

The digital future of B2B sales

The digital transformation of B2B sales is still in its early days, presenting a lot of untapped potential. Digital sales require a new mind-set.

Glanbia Direct means we are at the forefront of today’s trading world. It offers us a branded platform that provides full control over what is offered, when and with whom”.

Darren Barcoe, Head of Food Ingredients at Glanbia Ireland

To register your interest and find out more about Glanbia Direct, click here.


2020 has seen the DAO.EU platform continue to trade strongly, with volumes and value already exceeding all of 2019. Register here to apply for an account at DAO.


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