We are based in New Zealand, but come from all over the world, and we have people based in Auckland, London, Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Connecticut. We iterate. We collaborate. We never stop looking for new ways of doing things.

The Nui story

The Nui story begins in 2012, with the formation of Cream Trading, founded by Kevin O'Sullivan and Dr Bruce Maunder who developed the Nui platform.

Over time, and with the help of a dynamic team of talented individuals, this vision has continued to evolve. In 2019, the initial Cream platform was rebranded Nui. Nui means big, great and vast in Te Reo Maori, New Zealand's indigenous language.

Today, Nui's customers include some of the largest dairy producers in the world, and we have hundreds of users on the platform every day.

The team


  • Kevin O'Sullivan

    Kevin O'Sullivan

    Chief Executive Officer
  • Rebecca.jpg

    Rebecca Swinson

    Chief Operating Officer
  • Tim.jpg

    Tim Van Der Hulst

    Chief Technology Officer

Finance & Operations

  • Monique.jpg

    Monique Bertazzon

    Head of Finance
  • Marc.jpg

    Marc O’Connor

    Head of Operations


  • Mike Petersen

    Mike Petersen

    Independent Chairman
  • Bruce Maunder

    Dr. Bruce Maunder, PhD

  • David Ross

    David Ross

  • Duncan Milne

    Duncan Milne, MAgSc

  • Ian Proudfoot

    Ian Proudfoot

    Independent Advisor
  • Paul Grave

    Paul Grave

    Independent Advisor

Sales & Marketing

  • Jeppe R.S. Jøker

    Jeppe R.S. Jøker

    Senior VP of Europe

    Ph +45 22 95 91 71

  • Ron

    Ronald Kevin O'Brien II

    President of Nui North America

    Ph +1 312 985 7534

  • Ashley Honey

    Ashley Honey

    Senior Vice President, Americas

    Ph +1 602 380 2681

  • anthony.jpg

    Anthony Gosler

    Broker Dairy Ingredients – Europe

    Ph +31 6 23 45 40 79

  • Graham

    Graham Greavett

    Digital Trading Consultant Dairy

    Ph +44 7920 630842

  • Joanna.jpg

    Joanna Castellano

    Marketing Coordinator


  • Dion.jpg

    Dion Peters

    Platform Director
  • Bianca.jpg

    Bianca Sequeira

    Quality Analyst
  • Alex.jpg

    Alex Engelbrecht

    Senior Developer
  • Wim.jpg

    Wim Mertens

    Senior Brand & UI Designer
  • Oscar

    Oscar Tunebing

    Senior Front-end Developer
  • Chris

    Chris Carter

    Senior Python Developer
  • Anand

    Anand Joseph

    Mobile Developer
  • Rayhaan

    Rayhaan Mohammad

    Junior Front-end Developer
  • Jigao

    Jigao Zeng

    Junior Front-end Developer