Game-changing partnership for Biofuel trading in Brazil

The Nui digital trading platform has been a proven game-changer across the world, operating dairy and other produce Marketplaces in Europe, North America and the Pacific.

Now, Nui Markets is partnering with Brazilian company, Flex Trading to revolutionise the way in which businesses can now trade biofuel in Brazil.


Nui combines the speed and convenience of a digital trading platform with the expertise of a category-specific marketplace, allowing informed buyers and sellers to trade with improved price transparency and market efficiency.

Each Nui Marketplace is designed for a specific, dedicated agricultural market - built and supported by category experts who understand the industry and provide market knowledge as well as technical know-how. In Brazil, our Marketplace specializes in biofuel and so is designed solely for that purpose.

The Nui Markets interface

The Nui Marketplace interface itself is as easy and intuitive to use as any of the leading consumer auction sites – think eBay or Amazon, with desktop, mobile and an app-based portal.

  • For sellers, one post instantly notifies all possible buyers, which gives the best chance of finding the right buyer at the right price, quickly.

  • For buyers, all their options are clearly visible in one place.

  • For traders, the platform can open up access to new opportunities as and provide competitive insights from real time market data.

Nui Marketplace Brasil

Trading on Nui removes much of the anxiety around price discovery from both sides, liberating the customer relationship and elevating the level of discussions and professionalism of the procurement and supply chain functions on both sides of the trade.

Transparent price discovery

Because Nui Marketplaces are members only, you only get to deal with genuine pre-vetted buyers and sellers, and as well as ensuring transparent price discovery it also becomes a rich source of data and insights into the category for those who participate, giving them a competitive advantage over those still 'phoning round their list of contacts'.

Expertise & Partnership

  • Nui Markets has experience running digital trading platforms around the world with over $1bn NZD traded on our platforms across 62 countries. Nui’s intuitive user interface and technology platform is rapidly becoming the gold standard in digital trading platforms for agricultural trading, operating Marketplaces in Europe, North America and the Pacific.

  • Our success is not just built on having the best technology, or outstanding customer service and 24/7 technical support. It is the application of deep category expertise in the design and running of the Marketplaces that is also a vital part of their success.

  • That's why we’ve partnered with experts in biofuel in Brazil, Flex Trading. Since 2006, Flex Trading has lead the way in the establishment of the ethanol, biofuel market in Brazil. Their focus on customer service, after sales support and data transparency as well as experienced industry professionals has ensured their success and make them a natural fit with Nui Markets for this exciting new venture.

"Biofuel represents an important and exciting opportunity for us at Nui. We see it as a dynamic sector on the verge of significant growth. Establishing a high-tech digital platform for trade will only help that growth. We are delighted to be partnering with Eduardo and the team at Flex Trading who bring so much expertise and knowledge to the partnership."

Kevin O'Sullivan, CEO of Nui Markets

"For years we face the transformation of the analogical world into the digital one every day. The biofuels sector could not be any different. Technology in the field and production of biofuels has taken our agricultural/bioenergetic sector into high-end levels of excellency. Now this technology arrives in the commercial sphere and through the partnership of Flex Trading with Nui Markets, developer of the digital platform 'Nui', they inaugurate a new concept of commercialization of biofuels, bringing security, transparency and agility to daily transactions. It will be a great challenge and a great opportunity for us to contribute with the growth of the sector."

Flex Trading CEO, Eduardo Aromatis

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